Our Products

Timberland Door offers a wide collection of high quality, architecturally diverse Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) interior doors. Our “Eco-friendly” MDF is made from recycled and recovered wood waste, therefore utilizing material that would be destined for a landfill. Our doors offer the look and feel of a solid wood, without the solid wood price tag. With our state of the art manufacturing processes, we are able to produce doors with superior smoothness and finish, while maintaining the flexibility to meet our customer’s delivery and customization needs. We offer a multitude of door styles and types to match the needs of the high end homeowner, hotel or condominium. In addition, each of our doors are custom made to your size and style specifications.

Key Product Features

  • Doors are made from high quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is an environmentally friendly material
  • Over 1,000 standard architectural designs to choose from, with customization available.
  • Made to your size specifications in 1 3/8” or 1 3/4” thickness.  Door sizes up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet tall.
  • Hinge strip comprised of face grain MDF inserted the full length of both sides of the door to deliver hinge holding power, hinge location flexibility and stability to prevent warping
  • Our Premium grade factory primer is “quick-baked” in 45 seconds for a superior finish and seal.

Timberland Door Product Line Overview

Stileline (SL)

Solid core MDF routed profile series.

Stileline Raised Moulding (SR)

Solid core MDF routed profile doors with the added luxury and depth of applied moulding.

Stileline Monterrey (SM)

Routed solid core MDF door with an applied inlayed moulding.

Stileline Apex (SA/SAR)

Solid core MDF routed profile doors with applied sticking to provide squared panel corners.

Stileline Classic (SC)

The simple elegance of a solid core MDF flush door, with an applied architectural moulding.

Stileline Shaker (SS/SSS/SSO)

Unique “Old Home” look with stile and rail construction that offers flat panels and clean lines.

Stileline V-Groove (SV)

Solid core MDF routed profile doors, with an added V-groove to give the tongue and groove look.

Stileline Dimension (SD)

Ultra high end solid core MDF, with an added “Dimension” of a recessed raised panel and applied architectural moulding.

Stileline Tradition (ST)

Traditional stile and rail constructed doors offering the architectural detail of true squared panel corners.

Stileline Plank (SP)

Solid core MDF door with carved lines to create a tongue and groove plank look with square sticking.