Eco Friendly

All of Timberland Door’s products are manufactured with eco friendly medium density fiberboard (MDF) which is made from recycled and recovered wood waste, therefore utilizing material that would be destined for a landfill. Additionally, by using recycled/recovered material, no new trees are cut down for us to be able to produce our products. By selecting Timberland Door’s for your projects you are doing your part to conserve and protect the environment.

Below are some specific Eco-Friendly features of Timberland Door’s products:

  • MDF is made with 100% Recycled/Recovered Wood Content, and overall is composed of 89% recycled content.
  • Doors made with MDF material that is considered an Environmentally Preferred Product
  • The MDF is sourced from the Southeastern US, therefore minimizing transportation emissions.
  • MDF is bio-degradable, which is not the case with other types of materials (metals, plastics, etc.). Once the product is at the end of its useful life (way into the future) it won’t create a problem for landfills.
  • Our MDF contains less than 0.11 parts per million of formaldehyde, which is almost half as much as other MDF door manufacturers and complies with CARB and ANSI A208.2-2009 guidelines
  • Doors are primed with non-hazardous water based primer
  • Eligible for 2 to 4 LEED Credits
    • 2 Points for Recycled Content
    • 2 Points for local sourcing of material (for projects north ofSt. Petersburg)